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Breakthrough + Balance: Relationships

This series is all about finding breakthrough and balance in different areas in our lives though a favorite yoga lesson of mine-- not by learning where to tighten but by learning where to RELAX. This post covers a hefty subject: Relationships! I'll mostly be focusing on romantic relationships but I do think there are lessons here that translate to friendships, family dynamics, etc. I guess now is a good time to share a little information about myself...

Breakthrough + Balance: Self-Care

Welcome to part one of a mini-series I’m calling “Breakthrough + Balance”! As a yoga lover, I’ve learned that a lot of lessons you learn on the mat translate into the rest of our world. One of the lessons that I learned in a yoga class and found super insightful is this truth: Breakthrough comes not when you learn what to tighten but when you learn what to relax. To that concept, I’ll add the idea of balance because learning what to relax both on the mat and in the world have brought both breakthrough AND balance in each realm.