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FloridaVCalifornia: Restaurants

I love dining out so I guess it's fitting that my first Florida v California (FLVCA) blog post will be about food! Sacramento is the Farm to Fork Capital of the country. But Tampa has a higher number of amazing, affordable restaurants. Yes, Mulvaney's B&L is probably better than any restaurant here in Tampa but how often can you drop $250+ on dinner?! Tampa has a great variety of HEALTHY food options that you can afford on a daily basis. 

Endless Summer - Clearwater

If you follow my IG, you know that I've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we get during winter in Florida. Based on my first week of making this blog public, I've seen there are readers all over so even though it's springtime and many places are beginning to thaw, I thought I'd share some real summertime vibes with you all.