Breakthrough + Balance: In the Workplace

For this iteration, I'll be sharing some quick tips on your approach to the workplace. The goal here is not to detract from work but, again, to learn which metaphorical muscles to relax in order to get breakthrough and balance! If you have no idea what that means, I repeat: read my first two posts in this series! On to the tips!

FloridaVCalifornia: Restaurants

I love dining out so I guess it's fitting that my first Florida v California (FLVCA) blog post will be about food! Sacramento is the Farm to Fork Capital of the country. But Tampa has a higher number of amazing, affordable restaurants. Yes, Mulvaney's B&L is probably better than any restaurant here in Tampa but how often can you drop $250+ on dinner?! Tampa has a great variety of HEALTHY food options that you can afford on a daily basis. 

Breakthrough + Balance: Relationships

This series is all about finding breakthrough and balance in different areas in our lives though a favorite yoga lesson of mine-- not by learning where to tighten but by learning where to RELAX. This post covers a hefty subject: Relationships! I'll mostly be focusing on romantic relationships but I do think there are lessons here that translate to friendships, family dynamics, etc. I guess now is a good time to share a little information about myself...

Breakthrough + Balance: Self-Care

Welcome to part one of a mini-series I’m calling “Breakthrough + Balance”! As a yoga lover, I’ve learned that a lot of lessons you learn on the mat translate into the rest of our world. One of the lessons that I learned in a yoga class and found super insightful is this truth: Breakthrough comes not when you learn what to tighten but when you learn what to relax. To that concept, I’ll add the idea of balance because learning what to relax both on the mat and in the world have brought both breakthrough AND balance in each realm. 

Endless Summer - Clearwater

If you follow my IG, you know that I've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather we get during winter in Florida. Based on my first week of making this blog public, I've seen there are readers all over so even though it's springtime and many places are beginning to thaw, I thought I'd share some real summertime vibes with you all.

Still Can't Stop Sta-RING

I'm sorry about the ring pun in the title but I actually typed the title without initially noticing. Once I saw it, I couldn't help myself. The truth is, I really love my ring. If I'm bored, my eyes drift immediately to my ring and I'm suddenly content. Thanks, Theresa Plytell! Keep reading for tips on how to find your dream-come-true engagement ring!

Me? Creative?

Last September, before my fiancé, Kolby, moved here to Florida, he was visiting and we went to the Widdershin's Dark Market and I had a card reading done. The card reader said that I am "too grounded" and that I should put energy into being more creative and letting my head be in the clouds every once in a while.

Simple Egg Crêpes

I won't lie... my fiancé does most of the cooking in our home. The one meal I contribute on a regular basis is breakfast on the weekends. One of my favorite quick breakfast dishes to cook is egg crêpes. If you try this recipe, let me know how it goes! I'm new to cooking eggs so if you have any recipes you love, please share them with me in the comments.